2014 International Bento Contest

List of recipes

Yokohama benTOfu by Anita Valero

Yokohama “benTOfu” by Anita Valero


Bitter : endive Sour : yuzu in Edamame Hummous Salty : tofu-omelet Sweet : Chocolate mousse Umami : Kombu broth in Kabocha-yuba stew

Colours of Mexico

Colours of Mexico

by JC

Mexico is a country very rich gastronomically, so it was hard to pick the ingredients that would make up this bento. I tried to add flavors to represent this diversity. For example I decided to make the sauce with "piloncillo" and guava because it reminds me of the typical fruit punch that we traditionally drink to the end of the year.

pork and shrimps for salty; strawberries, grapes and guava for sweet; mandarin and jamaica for acidity; dijon mutard for bitter.

Happiness Bento

Happiness Bento

by Petit chef

Duck breast with potatoes, parsley and pepper sauce. Green beans with pickled peppers and French dressing. Caramelized apple with powdered cinnamon.

apple for sweet, fried potatoes for salty, pickled peppers for acid, mustard for bitter, duck breast for umami.

Frenchie Crepe & Turkey BENTO with its autumn veggies by Sunflower

Frenchie Crepe & Turkey BENTO with its autumn veggies

by Sunflower

Mushroom and cheese crepe. Turkey slices with vegetables: zucchini, Hokkaido squash, potato, leek and romanesco broccoli. Frisee salad with lardons and onions and baguette and cheese French flag. Apple and grape.

Sweet: fruits, Hokkaido squash. Salty: vegetables, turkey. Acid: vinaigrette, grape. Bitter: Frisee salad, shallot. Umami: mushroom, cheese.

Bento mini croque

Bento mini croque

by Marco

Raw salad: carrot, zucchini, tomato, with dressing and walnuts. Mini grilled ham & cheese sandwich. yogurt with roasted fig

sweet: fig, Salty: ham, Acid: dressing, tomato. Bitter: walnut. Umami: cheese

Memories of Taiwan Bento Box

Memories of Taiwan Bento Box


The bento box contains the memory taste that famous Taiwanese dish contain. the salty and crispiness from the salty and crispy chicken which we can find in night markets. The bitter melon where we can eat in a typical restaurant and braised tofu and egg from the noodle/rice cart, finally, marinated cucumber which most families in Taiwan made themselves to go with congee! This bento will serve your heart and stomach for people miss Taiwanese food!

BENTO for my boyfriend by Ma Cho

BENTO for my boyfriend

by Ma Cho

Prawn Curry and Fried Water Spinach

Prawn Curry with Green Pepper and Tomato for Acidity and Bitter, Fried Water Spinach with Babycorn for Sweetness and Salty

Crêpes en folie by Frenchy (須山さんアシスタント)

Crêpes en folie

by Frenchy

mix of several recipes

mushroom for umami chicken bechamel sauce for salty, fruits for acidity, chocolate for sweetness.

Honey Chicken Bento by BenKo

Honey Chicken Bento

by Benko

Fruits for sweet, fried fish for salty, mandarin for acid, dijonnaise for bitter and chicken for umami.

bento à la française

bento à la française


bento à la française

Melon for sweet mustard for acidity, saltiness grillied marqueraux for grilled pepper terrine for bitter and umami for an omelette


Back-to-school’s Bento

by Sakura

Chicken ans mushrooms noodles, eggs omelette, branch celery and pineapple sticks, granny smith apple ans pomelos dices.

Sweet: Pineapple, granny smith apple. Salty: Noodles Acid: Pomelos Bitter: Celery Umami: Eggs

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