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Privacy policy

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

The secretariat of La Semaine du Gout will ask for the participants personal information such as their full name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc… for the purpose of contacting and guiding the chosen finalists, shipment of the prizes in case of being one of the winners, participating in a survey or for media coverage. Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose.

2. Disclosure to Third Parties

No private information will be given to a third party without your consent. If there is a request for a coverage by the media, your personal information will be transmitted to the concerned media only and upon the candidate's approval.


  • Companies are not allowed to participate (Individuals only)

  • If the contents of your application is different from terms of the contest or if the recipe has been posted without the consent of its creator, the application will not be considered and will consequently be deleted.

  • The entry (including the Bento picture, the recipe, the recipe title, and comments) must be your own and of an original recipe. The recipe must be unpublished/unreleased.

  • Already existing Bento recipes being the property of a third party or having a copyright or a trademark (such as existing characters) will be considered as infringing the rights of their creator(s) and will not be accepted.

  • Please be aware under certain circumstances, the winners recipe's name or comments could be slightly modified to be adapted to the context of the contest. Moreover, in some cases the Bento picture could be also modified (size, brightness, etc…) in order to obtain a better quality of the picture.

  • We cannot accept applications sent through a mobile phone. Please apply through a computer.

About handling the submitted recipe

  • Please be aware that in some cases the submitted recipe could be published in a magazine, a newspaper or in our web site.

  • In some cases the submitted recipes will still be published in our website even after the end of the contest.

  • The submitted recipe, its picture and contents could be used within the range of our activities.

  • All the submitted contents will be handled by the secretariat of La Semaine du Gout in japan. Moreover, all the submitted matters will be considered until proven the opposite as applied by the candidate himself and not by a third party. Subsequently all the above mentioned private policy amendments and rules will be applied.

September 2017
The Secretariat of La Semaine du Goût in Japan

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