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International BENTO Contest result

Onigiri Fermentation avec Tarako et Fromage


APEROn Nigiri


Onigiri Saumon grillé et Parmesan


Onigiri Bottarga


Onigiri sauce Haccho Miso 〜West meets East


Intercultural food communication with“ONIGIRI”


Regardless of professional / amateur, age and nationality

Application period

From Friday 10th August, 2018 to Thursday 4th October, 2018

How to apply

Application acceptance has ended.
Thank you for many applications.

Recipe list

Conditions of application

  1. Selected candidates after a screening of documents are required to be present on the final judgement held on 16th October 2018 in Tokyo .
    ※Transportation expenses will be charged by the Comitéparrainage.
  2. The ingredients expenses will be not exceed 500 yen per person.
  3. Cooking time should be less than 30 minutes (excluding rice cooking time).


Yukio Hattori, Principal of the Hattori Nutrition College
EikoEgami,Head of EgamiCooking School
Takashi Tamura,Chef of NihonryoriTsukijiTamura (Japanese cuisine)
Makiko Fujino,Food expert
Olivier Rodriguez,Chef of &éclé
Mieko Horiguchi,Professor of OtsumaWomen’s University Junior College Division
Florent Dabadie, Journalist
TadaoKoike,5 stars Rice Master
KeiichiroTani,Directorof Food communication Center,
Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.


1st: Monthly Rice Distribution for one year selected by KOIKE,5 stars Rice Master 1 person
2nd: 【Fissler】PressureCooker 1 person
3rd: 【NESPRESSO】CoffeeMaking Machine 1 person
【Zwilling】KitchenKnife 1 person
Special prize by Comitéparrainage: 【RausuFishery Guild】Choice-qualityRausuKombu 1 person
Prize for Participation in Final Judgement: 【Yagicho】Assortmentof Dashi
【Hakata Salt】Assortmentof Salt
【Tokyo Gas】Assortmentof Original Goods

Judging procedure&Announcement of the results

10 candidates advance into the final judgement with practical skills after a screening of documents.

  1. Screening of documents : Tuesday 9th October
  2. Final judgement : Tuesday 16th October
    @Tokyo Gas Studio+GGINZA
  1. Not informed the result to applicants failed in the screening documents.

Publication of prize-winning “ONIGIRI”

To be announced on the official site and Facebook of 《La Semainedu Goût®》of Japan, and Partner’s website.

お問い合わせ: 「味覚の一週間」® 実行委員会 インターナショナルBENTOコンクール担当
東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷2-7-9 301 株式会社ヴィジョン・エイ内
Tel:03-3402-5616 / Fax: 03-3402-5452
E-mail : info@legout.jp / HP : www.legout.jp
主 催 : 「味覚の一週間」® 実行委員会インターナショナルBENTOコンクール
協 賛 : 東京ガス株式会社、NTTタウンページ
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