Les Ateliers du Goût

Back-to-school’s Bento

Nickname : Sakura


Chicken ans mushrooms noodles, eggs omelette, branch celery and pineapple sticks, granny smith apple ans pomelos dices.

Sweet: Pineapple, granny smith apple. Salty: Noodles Acid: Pomelos Bitter: Celery Umami: Eggs

cost of materials : 4 euros (550 yen)   Cooking time : 50 min

Materials (4 servings)

  • instant miso broth / 2 cubes
  • pomelos / 1
  • mirin / 4 tea spoon
  • granny smith apple / 1 big or 2 little
  • soy sauce / 6 tea spoon
  • sugar / 8 soup spoon
  • Noodles / 300g
  • syrup pineapple slice / 3
  • Dryed mushrooms / 100g
  • Eggs / 8
  • Branch celery / 5
  • chicken breast / 1

How to make

  • Cut noodles in 2 and cook in the miso broth. Rince under cold water and reserved.
  • Cut the chicken, dip the mushrooms and skip to the stove with salt and pepper (secondarily with ginger if you want). When mushrooms are cold, cut them in square.
  • Cut pineapple and celery in sticks and the omelette in slice.
  • In the first box, doing a "bed" of noodles, dispose on the chicken and the mushrooms. Use a divied and dispose the apple and the pomelos cut in parts.
  • Dispose by alternation the omelette, the celery and the pineapple in the second box.
  • Mix eggs, sugar, soy sauce and mirin in a bowl and cook an omelette in a stove.


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