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Colours of Mexico

Nickname : JC

Colours of Mexico

Mexico is a country very rich gastronomically, so it was hard to pick the ingredients that would make up this bento. I tried to add flavors to represent this diversity. For example I decided to make the sauce with "piloncillo" and guava because it reminds me of the typical fruit punch that we traditionally drink to the end of the year.

pork and shrimps for salty; strawberries, grapes and guava for sweet; mandarin and jamaica for acidity; dijon mutard for bitter.

cost of materials : 550 yen   Cooking time : 60 minutes

Materials (1 person)

  • pork 80g
  • dijon mustard 50g
  • shrimps 80g
  • refried beans 100g
  • cacahuate 20g
  • amaranth 100g
  • egg 1 pcs
  • flour 50g
  • onion 1/2 pcs
  • garlic 1 pcs
  • guava 1 pcs
  • piloncillo 150g
  • grapes 8 pcs
  • strawberries 4 pcs
  • xoconostle 1 pcs
  • pasilla chilli 1 pcs
  • mandarin 1 pcs
  • vegetable oil 150ml
  • cream chesse 80g
  • jamaica flower 40g
  • Cucumber 1/2 pcs
  • Carrot 1 pcs
  • Lettuce 1/2 pcs

How to make

  • First of all wash all the vegetables and fruits. Then wash carefully the shrimps and clean it very well. reserve.
  • Cut into sticks the carrot, cucumber and the chesse. reserve.
  • Wash the jamaica flower and then put into boiling water about 20 min. Drain. reserve
  • Cut onion and garlic in brunoise, in a hot pan add 1/2 oz of oil, then fry onion and garlic, add the jamaica flower, season. Reserve
  • Fry the shrimps in vegetable oil, season, reserve.
  • Then we are going to make rolls with the lettuce leaves;
  • In one leave, we add some bean paste then add some jamaica flower, carrot, cucumber, chesse, cacahuate an shrimps, roll. reserve.
  • In a hot pan we add some beer and the piloncillo to make a syrup, then add the guava and xoconostle. reduce, reserve
  • Spread the pork with dijon mustad, then with the flour, the egg and the amaranth we have to bread the pork. fry the pork. reserve.
  • Finally cut some lettuce leaves, add all the fruits and serve with all three dishes in a bento. enjoy.


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